Revisiting Bamako..

Bamako, 2006..

“So firstly, the world must consider Africa in a more impartial light. Because, when you look without bias, you realize that the “other” is really the same as you. However, as it stands today, the African is more different for others than others are for the African. In my opinion, perhaps it comes down to culture, Africans have a far greater sense of universality, than others do in their perception of Africans. This is very important point. My second concern is to articulate that, when all is said and done, the issue raised by “Bamako” is not a purely African issue. It is bigger than Africa. We’re talking about the world of money, the power of money. And if today, the prejudice of this world of money... Because Globalisation is about how we can make more money, and how quickly. It’s not about trying to embrace one another as quickly as possible, and give everyone kisses. This is not Globalisation. And this needs to be made clear. So, its very important for me that people understand that today, it’s not feasible to continue depriving part of the world of its wealth to make the rest more wealthy. If the consequences of this are clear in Africa today, It’s because Africa is weaker, and so the repercussions are visible. But the west, too, will have to pay the consequences of this world view, this money-centred ethic.”

Abderrahmane Sissako, from a video interview.

(above in the photo with Juliette Binoche, far left, at Cannes Festival, 2009)

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Prasanna Choudhary/प्रसन्न कुमार चौधरी said...

The West too will have to face the consequences of this world view, the money-centered ethic. Very intimate observation. Nice piece indeed.