जब वी मेट रीविसिटेड..

by Jainarain

"Jab We Met" is not about real life and real situations, but whenever the mainstream Hindi films are? Besides, anyways, films are not about real life.. they just happen to carry some illusions to the kind of reality we know.. that even JWM does. But it’s not a good film for a regular film-buff, meaning it’s loaded with patchy stuffs—bad songs, badly acted cameo scenes, shoddy tidbits here and there. Then what’s good about it? Well, going by the current mumbo-jumbo fiesta of “Sawaria” and “Om Shanti Om”, JWM is prettily written script, with lots of interesting conversation between a boy and a girl... And Kareena generally, and Shahid for the last forty minutes of the film, invest it with shiny performances, where one really stays hooked to of how they are going to handle their heart…

There are touching moments of emotional ambiguities (the way they really are in life), uncertainty, hurt and happiness the way you hardly see them in a conventional Hindi movie… thinking all this one feels good that the audience has lapped it up and the film is making money.


अभय तिवारी said...

मतलब आप ने बैठ के पूरी फ़िल्म तो देख हीए ली..

Asha Joglekar said...

ओम शांति ओम तो इस साल की घटियातर फिल्म का अवार्ड ले जायेगी । जब वी मेट से भी मिल लेंगे ।