आकी, आमिर और दोस्‍त का गुस्‍सा..

हमारे मेलबॉक्‍स में हमारे एक कैमरामैन नौजवान मित्र हैं, उनका एक मेल पड़ा था. फि़नलैण्‍ड के फ़ि‍ल्‍मकार आकी काउरिसमाकी की एक फ़ि‍ल्‍म देख लेने का आह्लाद था- हम सबों को होता है- नीचे कैज़ुअल तरीके से एक गुस्‍सा भी ज़ाहिर था जिस कॉलोनाइज़्ड पीटी मानसिकता के बारे में हम शायद ही कभी सोच पाते हैं..

नीचे मित्र की चिट्रूठी चिपका रहा हूं:
saw drifting clouds on a channel called world movies the other day. achhi channel hai.. something interesting keeps coming every now and then

read this about kaurismaki... .
bande mein dam hai...

In terms of awards, Kaurismäki's most successful movie to date has been The Man Without a Past. It won the Grand Prix and the Prize of the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 2002 and was nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category in 2003. However, Kaurismäki refused to attend the gala, noting that he didn't particularly feel like partying in a nation that is currently in a state of war. Kaurismäki's next film Lights in the Dusk was also chosen to be Finland's nominee in the category for best foreign film. Kaurismäki again decided to boycott the Awards and refused the nomination as a protest against US President George W. Bush's foreign policy [1].
In 2003, in one of his most famous protests, Kaurismäki boycotted the 40th New York Film Festival backing his Iranian fellow director, Abbas Kiarostami who was not given a US visa in time for the festival.

compare that with your favorite directors like amir khan who go running off to hollywood for the oscars. kya pramod? kuchh karo yaar!